Thank you for choosing to participate in the Avatar Photo Project 2012.

This Photo Booth is meant to provide you with the tools and directions needed to ensure a usable photo submission.  As we will be presenting the avatar photos as close to life size as possible, it is important that we are able to approximate the height of your avatar.  Positioning your camera will be the hardest part, just do your best and we will make every attempt to work with what you’ve submitted.

Before you start, there are a few viewer settings that are necessary to ensure consistency.  These directions are written for the official Second Life Viewer, version  If you are using another viewer, please make adjustments accordingly.

Viewer Settings

In Me, open your Preferences  or press Ctrl+P (Cmd+P for MAC)

Go to Graphics

Set Quality and speed as high as possible (if you are unsure, leave it where it is)

Click Advanced


Make sure Local Lights is checked

Make sure Lighting and Shadows is unchecked

Press Ctrl+Alt+D (Ctrl+Opt+D for MAC) to enable the Advanced menu (it will appear in your top toolbar)

Click High-rez Snapshot to enable it

In the World menu, click Sun, then Midday or press Ctrl+Shift+Y (Cmd+Shift+Y for MAC)

Positioning Your Camera

Sit on the red Sit Here button


Click the EYE  (left) icon on your camera controls

Click Front View

Click the Camera (right) icon

Click Object View

Click the Directional (center) icon

Taking & Submitting your Photo

Press Ctrl+Shift+S (Cmd+Shift+S for MAC)

Use the following options to submit your photo:

Save to disk & upload to our site

Click Save to My Computer

Select Current Window and PNG (Lossless), then click Save

Go to the Avatar Photo Project Upload Page to upload your photo

Email your Photo from the Second Life Client

Click Email

In the Settings tab, choose Current Window and set Image quality to 100 (Very High)

In the Message tab, enter into the To field

Your Second Life name will automatically appear in the From field (the subject and message fields are optional)

Click Send

You may also send your saved photo to from your own email account.


Don’t forget to press Ctrl+9 (Cmd+9 for MAC) then the Esc  key to reset your zoom and camera position when you’re done.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Avatar Photo Project 2012

Visit the official Avatar Photo Project 2012 Website