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c o m p l e t e l y

dark wooded run
a thousand thorny limbs
knobby fingers clutch my heart
to drive me dangerously down
toward tearing thicket
tortured timber
pulled through
the dark wooded run
c   o   m   p   l   e   t   e  l   y

Alduce me to introlow myself!

A little about me, at this point in time:

        I’ve been in Second Life for going on three years now. Though, at the moment I’m spending less time inworld, that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned Second Life, in fact, I still love it. I’ve just started doing the social networking thing (forums, blogs, twitter) and I’m enjoying it a lot. Somehow, being able to formulate my words carefully before I unleash them onto the world, works better for me than trying to jump into an inworld chat that’s flying past me at a mile a minute. I’ve never been very good at that, unless I’ve had a few cocktails… then I don’t care what the hell I say.

       My RL roommate and SL sister, Grimhilda, joined Second life at the same time I did (actually the day before… only cause I couldn’t think of a name… lol); she’s usually the reason I log on now. She had taken a sort of sabbatical from Second Life until recently, when her account was blocked for quite a while (that’s another story entirely). Meanwhile, she created another account and having to start over from scratch has seemed to revive her interest in Second Life.

       Now, with my help she’s decided to start a new project, which I’m happy to say, is a wonderful idea. I’m having a lot of fun working on it, and while we still have a lot to do, I’m hoping all the hard work pays off.

A little about my blog:

        My intent for this blog is primarily to have a sort of home base on the web. A place to gather all the information that I may need about Second Life and my presence on the web. Though I consider this a my personal space, I truly hope that whomever may stubble upon it will find it of some use.

        I’m adding links to sites from around the web which contain invaluable resources, in hopes that, if someone should need some help, I will be able to access the information I need quicker and easier. I might even author something useful myself… you never know.

        Until then, I’ll probably just ramble on about all kinds of shit I find interested. Please let me know if there’s anything you think I could do to improve my site or if you know of any information that should be included. Just click the ‘Contact Me’ button up top or send me a tweet.

Thanks for stopping by… Dres